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5845 Carlton Way #502
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Handcrafted adornments composed using raw, ethically sourced natural materials, and sculpted by the artist in California. 



(1) Found in basaltic volcanic rocks, in intrusive igneous rocks, and in some metamorphic rocks.

(2) Prehnite’s color fades when it is extracted and exposed to air.

(3) Considered a secondary or second stage mineral, meaning that the crystal did not form during the initial volcanic activity, but instead the crystals were formed by later volcanic events.

(1) Shamans from South Africa used prehnite in future telling rituals.

(2) Tribal cultures from Australia believed that prehnite could absorb and store the very energy of the sun, bringing them its positive and warming energy even when night falls and brings with it the creatures and fears that live in darkness.

(1) The first mineral to be named after a person – Dutch mineralogist Colonel Hendrik van Prehn, who discovered it in South Africa in 1774.