Custom Jewelry

Im always up for custom work. Whether you simply want another version of a sold out item on my site, a similar piece with different stones, or an entirely new design, Im available for you. Often its just something small like, “I love that Amethyst Capped Crystal but I want the stones to be smaller” or “can we make something like the Aquamarine Stack Necklace but use Opal instead”. The answer is yes, although if we need to source the stones for your piece it may mean a bit longer turnaround time and a small additional costs for the stones.

Do I use your stones? Yes again. But I do need to confirm that I can set the stone and that it is strong enough to withstand being turned into jewelry. There is no discount for using your stones, and generally the prices will be similar to what you see listed on my site. Also please be careful when mailing your stones to me! I cannot take responsibility for their safe arrival. Contact me to find out the safest way to send you stones.

Engagement or other surprise jewelry gifts? Ive got you. Please do a little snooping around before getting in touch. What would this person love? If it’s a ring, what’s the ring size? What color metals and what gemstones do they wear? Whats the budget? All of these questions will help us get through the design process efficiently.

All custom designs begin with your ideas- let me know what stones you like, what designs you are thinking of, anything else I should know. Then I send you some stone options, sketches, and a price for the purposed piece. Once this is agreed upon I begin the fabrication and your piece is usually done in 1-3 weeks (depending on the wait list).

Once you are ready you can email me at to get started r schedule a time to come in and visit my LA location.