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5845 Carlton Way #502
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Handcrafted adornments composed using raw, ethically sourced natural materials, and sculpted by the artist in California. 

LAstudio lapis lazuli.jpeg

lapis lazuli

Origin: natural and artificialLapis lazuli is a complex rock mixture containing the mineral Lazurite (at Mineralogy Database)

Views of the mineral lazurite

Natural variety of pigmentNatural ultramarine is purifed from ground lapis lazuli by mixing it with wax and kneading in a dilute lye bath. The brilliant blue lazurite crystals preferentially wash out and are collected.

Artificial variety of pigmentArtificial ultramarine, also known as French ultramarine was made by heating, in a closed-fire clay furnace, a finely ground mixture of China clay, soda ash, coal or wood, charcoal, silica and sulfur. The mixture was maintained at red heat for one hour and then allowed to cool. It was then washed to remove excess sodium sulfate, dried and ground until the proper degree of fineness was obtained