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5845 Carlton Way #502
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Handcrafted adornments composed using raw, ethically sourced natural materials, and sculpted by the artist in California. 




Miranda Hope first discovered her passion for craftwork in early childhood growing up along the northern coast of California.

Years of making objects by hand eventually led her to study sculpture at the California College of the Arts. As her interest in the human form grew, curiosity to sculpt wearable objects brought her to the jewelry and metal arts departments where she learned invaluable metalworking techniques. 

While apprenticing for established goldsmith and jeweler Paula Brent, and inspired by the use of raw and uncut stones, Hope learned how to embrace working with her own set of jewelry rules. This newfound inspiration to explore outside of convention marked an important professional breakthrough. 

Conceived and launched in New York, the line of work Miranda Hope developed is now all handmade by the artist in Los Angeles, CA.