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5845 Carlton Way #502
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Handcrafted adornments composed using raw, ethically sourced natural materials, and sculpted by the artist in California. 



"A fascination with gems and minerals leads the work. I like seeing the organic element in the materials and understanding their geological formation. Take phantom crystals, they are created over millions of years, as one crystal grows on top of another eventually encapsulates it. You can see a ghost image of the older crystals inside, sometimes as many as 7 or 8 phantoms are layered throughout the quartz. I love objects with small imperfections and a rough sculpted asymmetry, where the natural elements create a certain sense of timelessness. Seeing traces of the hand in the work resonates with me, and a major source for my inspiration is the crafts of the ancient Near East and pre-Columbian Latin America. I enjoy fascinating on objects from an era before factory and machine production, as there is an enormous amount of experimentation and experience to learn from in these craft traditions."